Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Updatalicious- Official Bullet Point Blog

  • Layla is on day 3 of Princess Panties (Princess Pull Ups). We've had more accidents than successes but we trudge on because someday I'd like to have a toddler with no diapers.
  • The girls have finally recovered from the large batch of family and chaos we just went through. It took almost a week and a half.
  • Anyah has discovered Mommy and now she wants to be looking at my face and interacting with me ALL DAY LONG...the upside to attachment parenting is they feel loved and safe, the downside is you might have a baby stalker for awhile.
  • My iPhone came. I lost at least 30 contact numbers and addresses and telephone numbers. I am so bummed about that part but let me tell you. The iPhone ROCKS!
  • I've been making some plans with girlfriends because I really want to get back into the loop with people. So people, text me...
  • Official weight update: Prebaby 248 (give or take) post baby I seem to have hit my stalling point at 207. I started a size 20 and ended a size 16 with a little room to spare (a 14 is too small still though). That's a 3x to a 1x if you still need more... so yeah... I lost 41 lbs because I had a baby... ironic? Yea.
  • Jon's got some cool things going on in the land of boy. He's having a good run at work where he is feeling appreciated and all. He's been doing fun things with his friends. His kids only drive him a little crazy. Good times. Mostly spawned by the temperary manager who has decided to give him weekends off. We heart weekends off.
  • Remember that summer to do list I made of things I wanted to do with Layla. Well I am finally up and moving enough (or quickly enough) that I am working on it. We went to Monterey (skipped the Aquarium) and we've gone to the Apricot Festival. Next up library story time, painting pottery and the water park in town (but not in the same day).
  • Today I made pancakes for Layla for breakfast and the whole house smells like butter and syrup and it makes me happy.
  • Last but not least on the updates. I officially go back to work on August 1st (which is a Sunday so they must mean August 2nd)

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Courtney said...

Welcome to the iPhone-aholics club! Farmers Market this Friday...? How about I leave work around 11 and meet you there for lunch?