Thursday, June 10, 2010

Storytime @ the Turlock Library

Yesterday Layla, Anyah and I went to the Toddler Storytime at the Turlock Library. It was our first time there so I was a little worried about Layla behaving while I was holding the baby but she did a great job following the example of the other kids. It's a very "free" group so it didn't matter that she had a lot of wiggle in her.
You sit through 3 stories that are alternated with songs and poems with hand motions. Sometimes Layla sat on the floor and sometimes on the chair next to me. She didn't want to sit with the other kids yet but at the end another little boy joined her on the floor who was also sitting in the back and scared to join the others.

The dancing was by far Layla's favorite part and I know we'll go back again next week just because she was so excited to be around other kids and we need to make some friends her age.

As a reward for her good behavior we got 3 books and brought them home to read until next week. I told her she could have two but she insisted the last one was Anyah's book and it was so cute I let her get away with it.
So we've officially checked another thing off the summer list I made earlier this year. But I think I need to rewrite the list because I've come up with some better/different things.

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