Monday, June 21, 2010

To Anyah at 2 Months Old

My Darling Baby...
First let me say that you are "my baby" not because you're my favorite (I don't have a favorite *wink*) but because you really only like Mommy at this point in your tiny life. You will tolerate other people but your bat senses go off when I leave the room and it makes me feel very very important and needed. Daddy on the other hand is less than thrilled that you keep him constantly on his toes no matter how good of a loving daddy he is being.
You, for the most part, are a pleasant baby. You stay happy most of the time but when you are unhappy you get very loud very quickly. You already smile (but only for Mommy), you hold up your own head, you squeak at people (it's not really cooing but I think that's what your going for). It took Mommy 6 days to figure out that you wanted to go to bed earlier and for those six evenings at our house it was HORRIBLE. I thought you had colic (because you are very full of hot air) but as it turns out your just a bedtime diva like your sister. When we miss the sweet spot you get very vocal about your distress.
The other thing that distresses you is the bath. You hate the bath so much you cry when I change your clothing just in case I have taken off your clothes for a bath and I haven't told you yet. Heaven help us all if you actually hear running water... my ear drums are still ringing from the other day when I held you while I had the nerve to try washing my own hands.
You aren't a fan of loud noises. This displeases your sister very much because she is a huge fan of loud noises but she hates it when you cry so she's been much quieter lately. She definitely has the opinion that no one can make "her baby" cry but her. She still doesn't want to hold you but she gives you kisses and holds your hands now. She also runs to find someone the second you start to cry. You help her out though by winding up for a long time before you *actually* cry. I call it your squeeking bean sound.
So far you love snuggling, your swing time, co-sleeping, being worn in the sling and most recently laying on the floor talking to the ceiling fan. That ceiling fan is awfully entertaining as it turns out. You love warm bottles, socks, swaddling and fuzzy blankets. You recently decided you like the rattle doll your Grammi gave you when she was here visiting from South Carolina, the radio and the mobile above your swing (where you nap).
You adapt well to new situations which is good because we're constantly going somewhere. You love to watch things (people, trees in the wind, reflections of light) so you tend to entertain yourself with wonder.
You've grown quite a bit. I think you probably weigh close to 9 pounds. We won't know that for sure until your appointment later this week. You suddenly wear 0 to 3 month old clothing and you need bigger socks. You still look tiny to me though because you are just now the size your sister was when she came home from the hospital.
This week you got dedicated at our church (on Father's Day) and we promised to help you grow your relationship with God. I think someday God is going to use you for great things. You are soft, patient and always observing everything around you... what wonderful things will that grow into as an adult? I'm not sure but I can't wait to see.
And we love you very very much. I can't remember what it was like before we loved you because it feels like you were always a part of our love. I look at you with your crazy hair and your stink eye looks when I don't get your pacifier fast enough and I know you are a perfect addition to our chaos. Your family...we go big or we go home.
And little girl...for someone so definitely go big when it counts! It's like watching a firecracker...awed by your power and beauty already and you just got here.

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