Monday, June 07, 2010

The Starting Line

First let's take a look at 2 pictures I took on Friday at the Farmer's Market. We parked in a different place this time and on the way into the market we stopped to look at the water fountain while we waited for Nannie to get something from the car. I asked Layla if she liked it and she said no. It's a large fountain of a woman that drips, I don't much like it I thought that was pretty funny.
And this is Anyah taking her weekly sling nap. She's gotten to the point that this is her favorite position to sleep in even if the sling isn't involved. Also, please note, the dress she is wearing is a 0-3 month. She barely fit in newborn clothes a week ago and then she went and grew right out of them. Silly baby...
Now to the starting line for this week. It's Monday. I slept in my own bed finally and Layla slept alone in her bed last night. Next up on today's agenda is a bath for everyone. This afternoon I have a Dr's appointment.
I got to order my phone last night finally so I am hoping it will come tomorrow and I can spend the day putting in all my numbers.
This week we're going to story time at the Library. I am undecided on Wednesday's toddler group or Thursday's preschool group. She's at the age in the middle. I think I am going to go with the toddler group first because I'll have Anyah with me.
This week we're fairly unbooked which I am excited about. There will of course be Farmer's Market Friday (Layla is going to be bummed when I go back to work and there is no more market day with Nannie in August) and on Sunday we got invited to a trip to Santa Cruz so Layla will spend the day with Nannie and Anyah will be going with us.
For the record, the starting line of a slow week is much less intimidating.

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Grammi Teri said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture of you and Anyah. My new favorite pic!