Sunday, December 28, 2008


Taking Layla to church the first couple of weeks after we decided to go back, broke my heart. She would cry and I would spend the entire service praying that she would be in one piece when I got back to the children's nursery after first service. It was a mess.
This week we took Layla to the church nursery and she didn't have to be held the whole time, she didn't even cry, she just played until we came back. In fact she was so happy we got to go to breakfast afterwards instead of having to run home for a calm down cuddle and a nap. It was exciting.
Just another sign that she's getting bigger every day. My mother and I were looking at videos of Layla from September. She was a baby in September. She's a toddler now. You can see it in her individuality and in everything about the way she currently is.
It makes me a little sad. She's so grown up. I know she's got a lot of growing to do still, a lot of firsts (like the first sugar cookie-shown above) but there is so much about her now that isn't that squishy little girl I gave birth to. She's changing, she's changing me, and someday...she just might change the world.

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