Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giveaway 3 weeks until Christmas

I can't believe there are only 3 weeks until Christmas and yet at the same time I feel compelled to say that it feels like Christmas is already here. It's craziness over here in the J house already. We're full swing in the Christmas movie watching, fudge making and tree lighting over here and I'm loving every minute I'm home for it.

Last week for our contest we talked about our most desired wish list item. Our winner was Courtney...who will have to email me which type of coffee she wants (she knows the address). Courtney wanted a lot of neat things but mostly she wanted a cute boy under her Christmas btw which she is dating and lives far far away and her blogs about him are things I love to read over on her blog Practicing Patience. So horray for Courtney and we'll be praying for you and that boy under the Christmas tree problem.

This week I want to talk about your favorite Christmas movie. Every year my husband and I (and just I before I had a husband) have had a Back in the Day party for our friends. Everyone comes over in their PJ's and we watch a collection of Christmas movies (classics, claymation, cartoon and even modern or musical) and we eat lots of cookies (everyone has to bring a dozen) and I make foods from our childhood. It's always good times.

This year in the effort to scale back some we made the party much smaller with fewer people and we are only going to show three movies on a Sunday afternoon but we'll still be having that Back in the Day feel everyone has grown to love.

We won't however be showing my favorite Christmas movie.

This week our giveaway has 2 parts. You get 1 entry if you post a comment with your favorite Christmas movie in it. You get 1 more entry if you can correctly guess my favorite Christmas movie. Enteries must be in before midnight on Sunday and the winner will get a Hot Chocolate Sampler. Yummy!


Janelle said...

Allie, I just wanted to make sure you had gotten my emails, since I haven't heard anything from you! :) I don't know that I have a favorite Christmas movie....but my favorite SET around Christmas is Sleepless in Seattle.

Courtney said...

Yeah me!!! Boo far far away boy. Not the boy, just the far far away part. Pray that we can find a decently priced ticket for him to come down after Christmas.

Favorite classic movie: Miracle on 34th Street.
Favorite recent movie: Elf or Love Actually

Mel said...

Ok...I cannot remember now...but I thought you mentioned that White CHristmas was one of your favorite movies, but I cannot recall if it was your favorite...oh well at least I gave it a try.

My favorite Christmas movie... old classic would be any version of the A Christmas Carol (AKA:Scrooge). For newer movies I like the Santa Claus Trilogy and THe Grinch that Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version).

Allie said...


I just checked my email again... I still haven't gotten your email with an address...maybe my junkmail ate it? It clears out every day. Please email me tomorrow and I'll make sure I check tomorrow after work. Leave a comment when you do so I know you got this. *sigh*

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Janelle said...

Ok....I'm emailing ya again! Hopefully it will get thru this time. If not, email ME at lookfortherainbow at yahoo dot com.