Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The "Official" Christmas Picture

This year we had a particularly low budget Christmas. We are giving each of the parents/grandparents this family photo and a handmade ornament from our LaylaBug. Because, after all, the most important part of modern Christmas is family and children and not money. At least that's what we're hoping to teach our daughter.

The picture itself isn't the best of any of us. But, being as we only got to choose from the 3 pictures we took before Layla FREAKED out and wouldn't hold's pretty good. I'm not that big, Jon's not that shiny and Layla's hair isn't that untamed. At least I'm going to keep telling myself that when I see that picture as I walk up the stairs.



Layla's Nana said...

The gift of Christmas is Family

God gave us the gift of his Son...and the blessings continue.

As a mom you always hope when your daughter is grown she'll find a good man, get married and have a baby (or two)...
And she did... she has grown into a wonderful woman with many gifts that delight me, she found a GOOD GOOD man who helped her to have the SWEETEST baby.
Yes, we are blessed by our families...
and that's what Christmas is really about, food, followship, fond memories being made and re-lived... it's about the magic of children and how great the gift of Jesus truly was
Thank you Heavenly Father, we are eternally grateful.

Teaseburger said...

I love it!! I think it is great of all of you!!

Tiffany said...

What a cute, happy family!