Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

She went to bed on time and full of magic and wonder. We let her open one present this afternoon. A package of mini cars from the Disney Cars movie which is her favorite and then she spent a better part of the evening alternating from sticking Duplo Blocks together and pulling them apart and driving Mater over Daddy saying "va-roooooommmmmm". Daddy got her back later and drove Doc Hudson all over her, turns out being a racetrack for the Hudson Hornet tickles and she laughed and laughed.

We had patty melts for dinner and watched some old Christmas favorites with the baby before she headed of to slumber. She was pretty uninterested in the Garfield Christmas Special but liked Charlie Brown a lot...probably all the dancing... and she's seen The Grinch Who Stole Christmas before so half way through it she was ready for bed.

As soon as she was tucked away Santa made a quick appearance. Clever Santa...knew just when she went to bed. Santa put the new toy under the tree and tied it with a red and green bow, then placed an overflowing stocking and some Christmas books under it and slipped away to enjoy a store bought sugar cookie with red and green sprinkles.

It may not be her first Christmas. But with all the magic in the air over here... it sort of feels like Mommy's first Christmas all over again. By the time this posts it will be Christmas morning and then we'll all crawl out of bed and stumble down the stairs and she'll see it. My LaylaBug will see her magically wonderful new toy and while I make French Toast and sausage and curse the turkey that at this point is still frozen even though it's been to thaw for 2 days. And I might lose a little of the magic I'm feeling tonight as I write this. But then I'll look back at this post or the twinkle in her toddler eyes and I'll remember.

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