Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gotta Love It

Yesterday I started "the J O B" which I am happy and surprised to announce that I really liked. My daughter stayed a few hours with Miss Erin then Daddy came home and they had a grand time without me. She decided to reward me for going to work by sitting on daddy all night like she was mad at me, or perhaps she just likes him better now that he's the one home and she'll like me better on Saturday.

This weekend is another fun one for us. Saturday I am hoping to take Layla to Christmas Tree Lane to walk around and to see the mini train here in town. On Sunday we'll be having our Annual Back in the Day party where everyone wears PJs, eats food from their childhood, brings cookies and watches movies that were popular when we were younger.

Also this week, I'm expecting my Christmas cards to arrive and once those are here I'll be dropping off some gifts (homemade) for family members in the area...probably on Saturday as well...before dark.

The realization of much simpler life is with a smaller Christmas is settling in all around me. The smaller tree isn't overwhelming in the living room and the few presents under it are easy to keep the kids away from. Boy I am glad God forced me to take this route.


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there is nothing wrong with a small and simple Christmas. I think that everyone could benifit from taking a step back and trying a simpler approach to Christmas and life in general!!! : )