Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a week

I hardly ever do a week recap post but let me tell you that I think this week probably needs one. Sunday I took a pregnancy test because I haven't had a cycle in a few months and found much to my suprise that I was NOT pregnant and while I was overwhelmingly relieved because financially this is not a good time for a baby...I was a little sad because babies are squishy and cute and I'd like a whole collection of them. Monday started off with my new job, our new sitter (Miss Erin) coming over and I was supposed to have a job interview after work but at the last minute they rescheduled me to Tuesday. We were also planning on going to see the Katina's in concert at our church for free but I was exhausted by the end of the day so we didn't. Tuesday was more work, Jon stayed home with Layla, and I had that interview at the college before coming home to make dinner. Wednesday, more work, and when I got home I found Jon who was at home watching the baby, hanging out with one of our friends so we got a nice visit and I made dinner. Some time after he left Jon and I had a marital issue (now resolved). Thursday Miss Erin was here all day while I worked and she (thanks alot by the way) cleaned up for me a little...when I got home I had a mildly sick kid to feed and then she (and I) went to bed pretty early (me not before I had a little drama at home with the hubby). Friday was a test and personal review day at work, and when I got home Layla had a head to toe rash which sent us to Urgent Care at 6 pm. Then I talked to Jon for awhile and went to bed...exhausted. I woke up this morning to a cranky kid who still has a head to toe rash and I need to clean house before my mother in law comes over for dinner. We canceled our Back in the Day party tomorrow because the baby is sick and now I have a 16 pound defrosted turkey I get to deal with for no reason...oh and I got an email from the landlord *sigh*. There will be no church tomorrow for us because the baby is especially contagious to other babies.

And to think... next week will be much of the same thing... just in a different order.

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Courtney said...

But how is the job?