Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up & Down

This week Layla came down with a viral's main symptoms were bi-polar baby mood swings, a full body rash and a mild fever. If you ever look that up on WebMD you'll know that we took her to Urgent Care because 129 different things come up as possible problems your child may be contagious or dying from. There were also 3 normal every day things...and of course one $25.00 co-pay later I now know my daughter had one of those. The viral infection...treated with nothing should be completely gone in 3-5 days but can be spread to other kids so we missed church today and Layla decided to be nice to us and sleep in until 8 am which NEVER happens here. Then an hour later she took a 2 and a half our nap but already she's gone from this....

to this...

in just 2 days. So that's something right? She's a little clingy in the morning and seems to frustrate easily but by today she's finally eating again and enjoying playing with her toys instead of just laying around in a puddle on the floor.

The Dr says she weighs 27 lbs now (which is probably a little off because she was fully dressed and had on tennis shoes) and I know she's well over 33 inches tall. That puts us in the 97% mark for hieght and the 80 % mark (ish) for weight. Yay us!

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