Monday, January 12, 2009

Blood Donor

Tomorrow morning I get to get up a little earlier than usual and mosey my happy little hiney over to the blood testing area at QD. Those of you who know me, know that the thought of voluntarily letting someone put a needle under my skin for any amount of time is practically unbearable...and yet I'm sort of looking forward to it. Rather, I should say I am looking forward to knowing if I can have another one of these.

Many prayers and happy wishes go to Niobe over at Dead Baby Jokes who has been blessed with a baby boy to call her very own. Niobe used a surrogate mom so I have been reading her religiously (being as I might need one of those one day).

It seems everyone is having a baby. I know of 5 people who I personally interact with on a regular basis that are officially "bun in the oven" status. Plus, I know one lovely person who's joining the trying to concieve with Stien Leventhal Syndrome race assuming that the giving blood thing goes well.

As usual life in the Jeffery house is filled with quasi drama. But mostly, Jon has a cold...Layla is adapting to life in the big girl bed pretty easily and my floor is covered with toddler debris but I'm going to bed early anyhow.

Because that's what real life looks like people.


Teaseburger said...

Oohhhh.... Keep me posted. :o)

niobe said...

Thank you so much!