Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Plus One

Ok, another family member announced they were pregnant today...due at the same time as the others give or take. It seems to be something in the water...so perhaps I should just start drinking more fluids. LOL Baby count over here is getting higher and higher. I'm super excited for this particular cousin because I know that she's going to be a stay at home mom forever and she wants her kids super close together so that worked out well for her.

Today was my blood test. My doctor ordered enough tests that they couldn't take that amount of blood so they had to call him at 7 am, wake him up and ask him which tests he really wanted to give me. But it all worked out and I was to work with 20 minutes to spare. She got my blood in one poke too which is highly rare for me.

Work announced today that I would be moving on to the final phase of training and could expect to be done with training in the next two weeks (before Feb 2nd) which is exciting because that means that I'll be able to know what my new schedule will be soon and I can decide if I am going back to school next semester or the one after that (financial aid permiting)

Layla has decided that each day when I come home from work she will marvel me with something new that I missed while she was away. Today during the itsy bitsy spider song she did the "down came the rain" hand motions (previously we had a lot of spiders, and out came the suns but nothing else). That kid is just amazing.

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Layla's Nana said...

Sounds like a great day :)

I can't wait to see bug tomorrow!!