Thursday, January 01, 2009

When the ball dropped

When the New Year's Eve ball dropped I was in bed, snuggled up with a pillow and a quilt I've had for years with the heater set to just right. The book I had been reading before I drifted off to sleep with the light on was falling off my chest and losing my marked page. But, I didn't notice.

I woke this morning to find that January 2009 while vastly different than January 2008 really felt a lot like December 2008 did. I cursed as I stepped on a Duplox block and made a bottle, the new year started off like Monday started off...with Handy Manny and someone in feetsie jammies climbing off my lap every 4 minutes to dance and then back up again to get warm.

There was no magical new year's kiss...still hasn't been one...because we've been married parents long enough now to value sleep over marketed reasons to get drunk and get laid. And that my friends makes me an officially boring old person... who isn't tired...because I got a lot of sleep.

So what makes 2009 different than 2008 so far...

Well I got enough sleep and because I didn't spend the Eve with Jon's family I will not be hearing it retold to me later this year by someone else in his family who wasn't there like they know more than I do about what happened.

My kid wasn't squished in bed between us, instead she's a full fledged toddler, with her own bed in her own room and her own opinions of what a bedtime ritual should look like. So on the Eve she went to bed with a pacifier and a blankie and a cow I hate and woke up in 2009 desperately needing a diaper change and a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

At the end of 2007 I was out of work, out of luck and out of hope. At the beginnning of 2009 I find myself with a job, with a little change in my wallet and with the hope that someday we'll be all caught up again on bills.

On the Eve 2008 we had a bigger house, a bigger yard and a bigger rent to pay. This year we start off with bills more within our means, a house that's just right for 3 people and no crazy landlord doing yardwork on Tuesdays.

All in all, it's a little different here... but it feels mostly the same. Or perhaps I forgot what it felt like before...either way... I'm happy it's 2009.

2009 the year I dropped the ball on making resolutions... it sounds good already.

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