Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Testing

I just took my "final" at work, which I think should really be called my mid-term. The final involved processing batches of work to be audited by another person. I got a 97% which was very good. I made one stupid mistake, that I'll kick myself over forever.

What pick you get of schedules is based on your score, so far one person has a higher score than me and I'll know about the two other people testing mid next week. I just want my work schedule and I really want an early morning so I have to worry about it until we get to pick.

I hate to worry.

I spend enough time worrying about the baby, childcare, money and my marriage staying strong despite both of us having broken and crazy families. I do not need to worry about non-sense at work.

Call me greedy or judgemental but I just feel like I have better things to do. So I get a little upset when I have to wait for things ALL THE TIME. By all accounts I probably could have tested out of this class a week ago but they made me wait for everyone else, now I'm waiting again to see how they test before I can move on.

Ahh limbo... Lord you know what to use to push my buttons don't you?

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