Friday, January 02, 2009

What a Change 08-09

So I got tagged for one of those horrible things where you talk about what you did last year during each month. *sigh* I'm not tagging anyone because it's labor intensive but feel free to do it if you'd like and link in the comments so people can go check it out. Pull a picture from each month from your PC and post it and then talk about what happened that month.

I'm going to try but no promises...

January- I started working at the evil Dr's Office. My child who was very small, stayed home with Melissa, tried mushy foods for the first time, and in general looked cute on Daddy's lap. Daddy worked a lot of hours at the beginning of last year... I remember that too.

February- The most memorable thing about February was our trip to Yosemite to see the snow for Garratt's birthday. We took all the kids with us and it was super fun. Even when Layla hated the snow.

March- March was a busy month, Mommy's 29th birthday (which was a rock star good time) and Easter were both in March. On Easter we had a few family members over for lunch and Layla tried to eat her Easter basket and Easter book.

April- The month of April was a sunny and uplifting one, Mommy got out of that horrible job at the Evil Dr's Office and got to stay home with Laylabug full time. Money was tight, but relief from a horrible job gets you a long way in life.

May- Was a month of movement and growth. Mommy moved into the role of being home full time. Daddy moved into the role of being the calm one when things got tight. And LaylaBug just moved...scooting around and sitting up and doing all sorts of amazing baby things. This is also when Mel and Garratt moved to Washington so we got together a few times with family to say goodbye. Plus a birthday party for Aiden who was 2.

June- The summer started off with Layla and Mommy going to a lot of festivals and faires with family and friends. Godmother Sarah came down for a visit too. It was warm in June and Mommy really liked it.

July- The month of July was full of visits. We had Grandpa Kenneth's 80th birthday BBQ. Lynn and Pheonix came down to spend time from Washington. And it was county fair time. It was busy busy busy. There was a lot of time in water, which Layla LOVED.

August- August was Daddy's birthday (28), Pheonix's Birthday (2) and Faith's birthday (1) both of which were really fun. And we moved to the town house from the big house to consolidate expenses. We also started Layla on solid foods, she started walking and by her 1st birthday in Sept. she knew over 65 words.

September- Oh my, it's a wonder we lived through Sept. There was a road trip to Columbia and Collin's first birthday. There was Layla's first birthday and a visit from Sarah. It was just busy busy busy. We went to visit Grandparents, a couple weekends in a row.

October- Ah, Halloween, the holiday that keeps on giving. We went to see all the local family on Halloween night but earlier in the month was Nevaeh's 2nd birthday and we discovered Layla's love of the park so we spent a lot of time on the swings during October.

November- More park time, Thanksgiving with lot's of Turkey at Papa Mark's and Papa Glen's. A playdate with Trisha's little boy who share's a birthday with Layla (by 3 hour) and Mommy was well into getting another job with interviews, tests and applications almost everyday.

December- Mommy went back to work for a company just two blocks away. Daddy became a part time Mr Mom with Miss Erin staying on the days when both of us work (which Layla loves) and there was Christmas. Lot's of Christmas before and after Christmas too because the family is broken up and scattered.


Candace said...

I did my own thing sorta like that. You can check it out if you want. Isn't it amazing how fast our little girls grow up. If only we could slow it down a little!

Candace said...

oops I forgot the link!

Layla's Nana said...

this was the second best "first year" of my life...
Thank you Allie for BOTH of them!