Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Red Light Green Light Yellow Light

This morning I was rushing. I woke before the alarm and got into the shower quickly. I bathed with the speed an efficiency that comes with knowing you've got a full plate today. The baby woke about the time I was putting mousse in my hair and I went buck naked to change her diaper and then hurried to get dressed. I rushed us down stairs and rushed through making her morning milk bottle. I hurriedly cut up a banana, made a bagel with cream cheese (half for each of us) and gave her a "candy car" gummy vitamin. I hurried through gathering up a lunch for work, finding my jacket, locating my purse and keycard for work. Then I looked at the clock. I had 30 minutes before the "early" time I had to leave. Seriously? I stressed myself out about not having enough time that I ended up with too much time. So I sat down in my favorite chair, turned on a movie for the baby and pulled out a book. Thirty minutes later, the baby was still eating and I woke up the hubby to watch her while I ran a few errands before work. I went to the library and returned books. I went to the gas station and got a soda with ice for work so I could break a twenty to have lunch money. I went to the grocery store and bought a stamp. Then I went to work to visit with the girls while I waited for my work day to start…running early. By the time I clocked in I was prepared for a repeat of my yesterday, spent watching training videos and wasting time while the company tried to figure out what to do with those of us that were done training while everyone else is finishing up their training. Turns out, today had other plans for me.
Today I started taking live calls at work. First a fake one with the manager, then a real one…then another. Today I got to stop learning for a living and started working for a living… I'm so excited I can't see straight. Now I'm still stuck in the training room while I wait for my work area to be ready. But at least now I know I'm done trying to make it. Later this week we'll finally pick schedules. We'll pick on for the month of February and one for March through to Summertime. I have 2nd pick at this point and it looks like it might stay that way. There might actually be a light at the end of this tunnel.


Lynn said...

Well at least I know what you've been up to the last two days. Sheesh. Aside from the fact that I am way lonely, I am ecstatic for you! I don't even mind so much that I am still trying to find work.

Layla's Nana said...

I was wondering what she was up to too ;) I miss my daughter and granddaughter, at this rate she's going to end up with a weekender guest, just what every kid wants - Mom home for the weekend! LOL