Saturday, January 17, 2009


Layla has hit that age where she is smart enough to understand yes from no and curious to try and work out wrong from right. For that reason, we spend a lot of time over here working on boundaries. Some boundaries keep her safe, some prepare her for adult life, some get her used to the concept of rules, some teach her about loving other people, and some are just there to keep Jon and I sane.

Some boundaries we've already set like stone.

  • No upstairs toys downstairs and no downstairs toys are allowed upstairs.
  • No pacifiers outside of the bedroom unless you are sick or hurt and need comfort.
  • No jumping off the couch.
  • No kicking people or hitting people. You use your words when you need something.

Others are just a matter of being consistant with things that aren't obviously consistant to a one year old.

  • Meal time is for sitting and eating, not throwing food.
  • Inside voices are to be used inside, unless of course you are inside someplace for yelling.
  • Not every doggy is your friend.
  • Not every person who pretends to be your friend will always be nice to you.
  • Some family can't be trusted alone in a room with you because they play too rough, but you should still play with them.
  • You should run at the park but you shouldn't run away from me at the park.

Some rules are just there to keep us from going insane.

  • You have to take a nap or at least be quiet in your room an hour a day.
  • Bedtime is at roughly the same time every night whether you like it or not.
  • You have to stay at the church nursery because Daddy says it's good for you.
  • Mommy has to go to work and so does daddy so you might as well have fun with Erin and not scream when we leave.

And then there are the rules that just amuse Mommy.

  • Putting things in and out the trash is not amusing and not a game.
  • You can not bath yourself with a wash cloth and toilet water.
  • It is not ok to eat things that you have tried to feed to Papa Mark's dog.
  • Touching the night light is forbidden, even though it's really cool that your hand makes it light up.
  • It's not ok to throw yourself into things when you are frustrated, if you do this and get hurt, it is ok for Mommy and Daddy to point and laugh before they help you.
  • M&M's are not a breakfast food despite the fact that Papa Glen gave them to you.
  • Just because Nana Lorrie let's you play with her cell phone does not mean you get to play with all cell phones and pretend to call Nana.
  • Hiding something behind your back or covering your eyes while being lectured will not make the item be forgotten or you be invisible.
  • Don't lick the soap, it smells good but it tastes nasty.

And last but not's personal favorite...

  • If you are trying to play with CD's and you get in trouble. When you two hours later shut yourself in the bedroom with the CD rack and find temptation too much to handle, the door will swing open and in your panicked state (despite not actually touching a CD yet) you will try and run away. When you do this...

Do not run directly into the closet door!

Some boundaries are physical...and it's really hard for Mommy to be nurturing when she's trying to keep from pissing her pants laughing.


Grammi Teri said...

Very good boundries.

Boy, Did Papa Glen get lectured when Grammie Teri heard he gave Layla M & Ms for breakfast. He just smiles and says it's his job to spoil his granddaughter....sigh

Layla's Nana said...

That was so funny.... and I didnt mind at all when Layla called me from your phone while you were in the restroom today, it really was quite fun! At least by playing with my phone she's learned to do that! Not to mention add contacts to my contact list and send text messages to people that don't make sense and always illicit replies such as 'are you on medications?'
And c'mon, there's nothing cuter then the way she holds that phone and says 'hello'