Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cubicle City

It's official. I have a desk. I have a desk with drawers. I have a desk with drawers in a little city of cubicle walls. My cubicle walls are bare except for two handouts I need to transfer calls. My desk proudly holds 4 pictures and a candy dish... oh and a rubber duck.

Soon there were will be two more pictures but I have to print them first and get silver frames for them. For now I sit in a desk chair (which is actually pretty comfy) with a pre-marriage picture of the hubby and I, a LaylaBug baby picture, a LaylaBug toddler picture and a picture of me and my friend Jen all above me reminding me that this is were I am...this is where I belong...

It's odd how having your own desk in cubicle city changes your sense of self worth. Yesterday I was a waste of time, stuck between training and being useful in a job. Today... I am a co-worker. I have the company allotted ruler, stapler and inbox to prove it.

Tonight after work (it was payday) we ran to Target because my daughter suddenly refuses to drink from a cup that doesn't have a "strawl" (straw). For the first time in a long time... the thought of spending an extra $4 on toddler stuff didn't scare me. I guess it takes semi-permenant walls to make a person feel secure.

Also, in spirit lifting news- my friend at work (at least I think she's my friend we seem to get along well and all) is in my group and her chair is DIRECTLY behind mine, I can literally swivel my seat and talk to her. Cool no? I have a friend to talk to at work. I also have company email and an annoying keyboard shelf.

Tomorrow is casual Friday and there is a "super bowl" potluck at work which I really think just means we'd all like an excuse to eat a lot. Now if that doesn't sound like a great first day as a real employee I don't know what does.

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Layla's Nana said...

welcome back to the 'office' ... I hope you find all fulfillment and happiness there