Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello Moto!

Last night I got a couple calls from an unknown number, after the 3rd call the person left a vague message about finding a cell phone with my number as an emergency contact. Being as the call was on my cell phone I knew it wasn't mine so I asked what it tooked like.

Small, black with a picture of a baby.

Well that could be anyone's even my husbands so I make arrangements to get the phone.

At 8 pm I met a random stranger to get the mystery phone. She was old and nice and she had a young person she knew unlock the keypad for her and find a number for her to call. She found the phone in her rosebushes along side the road.

As soon as I flipped open the phone I discovered I didn't know the baby in the picture. But it looked like the sis in laws phone so I scrolled the numbers until I found an entry under dad who matched job's dad's number. Yep it's hers.

So I took her her phone. She lost her phone 2 days before so she was shocked when I of all people handed it to her. She'd already had a new one on order through her phone insurance but hopefully she can return it and get her money back.

Fun stuff, and not at all what I thought I'd be doing last night.


Teaseburger said...

Wow. Talk about random acts of kindness!! That is very cool.

Layla's Nana said...

Yes, I agree, you were kind and so was the woman who took the time to find the owner...
And since I was the one home with sleeping Layla while you were out chatting with lonely little old ladies, I know how long this act of kindness took, on an already long and tiring day
Allie, your mom is so PROUD of you!