Saturday, May 08, 2010

6 things I forgot about newborns

1. they squeek and grunt in a way that makes you want to kiss all over them but if you do that they get really upset really quickly

2. bath time must be done at the speed of a nascar pit stop

3. formula spit up smells funny

4. that whole blink blink stretch yawn thing is really really adorable until they've done it 35 times and they still aren't asleep and you really want to be

5. baby socks are magically pulled by gravity off your child and towards the floor but only when you have no available hand to pick them up and put them back on

6. when someone melts into you to sleep it's REALLY hard to stay awake in the recliner...hope the toddler didn't notice Mommy took a nap through part of lunch today

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