Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Best Plans

Yesterday and today there has been some well scheduled time out of the house. Yesterday my mom took Layla for what was supposed to be all day but ended up being just half a day while I alternated between picking up the house and resting with Anyah. Then Jon took me to run some errands and after a trip to Target/Costco we had a normal night at home as a family.
Today is the first week of the Downtown Turlock Farmer's Market. Mom is picking up myself and the girls at 9 a.m. and then we're off to find good produce. I'm also going to have her take me to the grocery store and to target to return the one item I couldn't return yesterday. Good times.
Saturday, Jon and I are going to leave the girls with my mom while we go see Iron Man 2 with other adults... that should be interesting. It took me MONTHS to leave Layla the first time so hopefully I won't freak out.
It really doesn't matter what we're doing we just like to leave the house and see the sunshine. And, much to my doesn't take any more effort to leave with 2 babies as it did with 1. It just requires a bigger diaper bag.

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