Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They can't all be good days

alternately titled: I totally earned this margarita!

This morning Jon accidently slept through his alarm. The result was the hubby and the toddler waking up at around the same time and then Jon rushing out of the house while the toddler screamed his name from bed.

I got up and made my way to her in our room to find she was covered in "wetness" because her diaper had a critical failure of the left pull tab. Sucks. So I carry her to my room (because there is no way she is a willing walker...she's still screaming) and change her clothes.

Changing an unhappy toddler wakes the baby. So I change that diaper too. I try like 11 different things to get Layla downstairs and finally offer to give her chocolate cake (which I made last night) for breakfast if she (1) stops crying and (2) goes downstairs on her own- because carrying a toddler post c-section is bad and hard...and freaking hurts.

Downstairs I give Layla her cake and a big glass of milk (to make myself feel better about the cake) and I feed Anyah. Then I go to the restroom (finally!!) because I can't wait any longer. Before I go in I put Anyah in the swing and turn on the evil Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the Choo Choo train so Layla will be distracted.

When I get out of the bathroom about a minute later Anyah is crying and Layla is standing by the swing telling her it will be ok...which is really cute until I realize BOTH my kids have chocolate icing lips and I KNOW Layla won't kiss PANIC!!!

Turns out Layla decided that Anyah was fussy so a bite of cake would help. As I am fishing a small bite of cake out of my newborns mouth I accidently trigger her gag reflex (unlucky me) and she throws up on my arm. But at least the cakes out, then I turn to Layla (who I have been talking to about how babies only drink bottles they don't eat because they don't have teeth and mid "ok mom" she sees Anyah vomit and whosh suddenly she

Now I have vomit on my shirt and my arm. I have two crying kids. I have the evil voice of Minnie Mouse making my skin crawl and I sit down on the floor and start to laugh.

Because the alternative was to cry...and if everyone is crying we probably won't recover well.

Happy Cinco de Mayo...I am so having a margarita tonight.

(for the record we are all fine now...we were fine 4 minutes after vomit fest 2010 ended)

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Mel said...

WOW!!! That is definatly not a great start. I have had those days...and I have experienced the toddler feeding the infant food...ohh the fun. The good news is it does get better once the infant can giggle, play on the floor, and interact with the toddler...somehow in the toddler world things change at that point.