Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home with Girls

Last night Layla woke up twice in the family bed before Jon went to bed. He was sick anyhow so I moved her into the bed with Anyah and I. There was a little bit of crying because she was confused by what was going on but once she decided Mommy would actually be sleeping with her she settled right in.

I slept last night sandwiched between a cuddly baby and a clingy toddler. It was lovely.

The clingy toddler woke up with a head cold (same one Jon has probably) but so far the baby and I seem fine. I took vitamins today just to be safe.

Yesterday I made my first out of the house adventure after Jon got home and I went to a local video store that is going out of business. I bought some new movies for us and for Layla. Which was incredibly lucky for us... because now the sick toddler is whining in the recliner and watching Nim's Island while the baby naps and I try to get a few things done... important things like washing spit up blankets and blogging and returning emails that have been sitting for a week and washing bottles and dishes....adult things...oh so boring is the life I lead.

Boring and filled with detergents apparently.

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