Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bottle It Up

Today we accidently slept in a little bit. It was amazing. Then I made pancakes and we started a parade of bathing and dressing 4 people. Off we went to Layla's 2nd cousin Collin's second birthday were there was a bounce house and only 3 small kids who together had more energy than I ever remember having as an adult. The picture below was at least 30 minutes into bouncing in partial sunlight at high noon... she isn't even winded... lucky.

After some bouncing, running, bubbles and birthday cake we headed back home where the kids took a nap. Anyah spent the whole party pretty much like this...
It's hard to sleep with little people running around you and grandparents cuddling you. She's got a tough life.
After Layla's nap I took her with me to the grocery store for a little one on one time. Then I made tacos.

Tomorrow is our last REALLY BUSY day. After that it will just be busy. Busy is easier (or so I hope).
We've got an 8:30 a.m. family pancake breakfast followed by a playdate with friends and then I invited the Grammi from SC over for BBQ and one last playdate before she flies back across the country on Wednesday morning.
And after that, I'm going to see if I can drink up some Layla energy and actually blog some real pictures, maybe a recipe or two, and last but not least...a story without the words BUSY in it.

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