Monday, May 17, 2010


The crazy thing about having 2 kids is that I keep losing track of time. Someone needs to eat. Someone needs to be changed. Someone wants to be held. Someone wants to or needs to go somewhere. Someone needs a nap. Someone didn't nap well.

And the next thing I know it's Tuesday.

I had a sinus headache this weekend that would not go away. I really couldn't tell you most of what happened on Saturday or Sunday. It's a blur of dishes half done, loads of laundry walking past me with the hubby, a toddler whining, a baby staying up at the wrong time and totally random every day life.

Today was errand running, Nannie visits, chinese food for lunch, struggles for naptime and a baby with gas. Those are the big ticket items...and by tomorrow I won't probably remember half of it. And it's not like I am not getting any sleep, people are sleeping and eating very well here.

What I am struggling with is working the "need to's" in with the "want to's". It's been a week since I discovered I really needed to dust the living room. Today was the first day I actually got around to doing it...half ass...if I must admit it.

I guess my want to's hadn't quite caught up yet. I guess I'll keep working on that.

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