Friday, May 07, 2010

To Market

Today we went to the downtown Farmer's Market here in Turlock. Anyah in her sling, Layla holding Nannie/Mommy's hand and a big empty bag for our shopping loot was all we took with us.
Don't let how fascinated she is with these tomatoes fool you...she won't eat them. I think she thought they were balls made of food...which I guess they are. In addition to lovely tomatoes we found organic salad greens, fresh red onions, local olive oil, honey, and a variety of fresh baked goodies.

Anyah was the center of attention for most of the event. Several people stopped me to ask how old she was and how big she was. A 7 lb person in a sling must look a lot smaller than normal. She slept off and on in the sunlight.

Layla enjoyed scoring a cookie from Nannie and a package of brownies, petting the dogs of strangers and dancing to people's radios. The event (at this point) is only 2 blocks long (it's early in the produce season here) but it still had a good vibe and a wonderful selection.
We'll totally be going back each week while I am out on maternity leave... especially since the girls did so well this first time out.

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