Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Anyah at 1 Month Old

Hello Squeeky Anyah Bean!
This is your first letter from Mommy. I wrote your sister letters every month until she turned 1 and now I write her two a year. I'm going to do the same thing with you because you're growing up so fast I want to be able to look back and remember it all and I want you to know what I was thinking and feeling while you were growing up.
First off...congradulations on being one month old today. We went to Monterey to the ocean because nothing says one month old like a road trip where everyone but you gets to eat yummy things. You spent the trip in the sling but you didn't mind at all you love babywearing. The sling is your second favorite place on earth. Your favorite is mommy's arms while she is rocking in the recliner.

You're a very passive baby. You sleep A LOT (not that Mommy is complaining) and even when you are awake you are usually content to just look around. You don't move much, you don't cry much and you don't babble much...but when you're ready for something Mommy has about 25 seconds before you scream if you don't have it. Luckily you calm down just as quick as you heat up.
Now for someone who doesn't move you are rockin the baby skills list. You can hold up your own head when you're all the way awake and lift your head during tummy time. You can also flip yourself from your back to your tummy (you've done it twice now) which means when you get muscle control mommy is in big trouble because you've already got the strength.
So far you are completely calm and snuggly. You squeek a lot. You also fart a lot. In the digestive world you are the opposite of your sister. You eat well and regularly, then you fart a little and take a nap. You don't really burp. I can count on my fingers the number of times you have spit up in the last month. But, man all mighty do you like to squeek and grunt while you eat...
You also squeek while you move...
And you squeek when you want to be picked up...
You squeek when your sister makes too much noise and it's disturbing you (which is rare because you've already learned to tune out a 2 and a half year old better than mommy)...
That's you... it's adorable.
Unless of course it's diaper change time then it's "SCREEAAAMMMM" or bath time... lord help us all (there are not enough exclamation points and capital letters to describe your disgust with the bath process). There are no fuzzy blankets, or snuggly parents at bathtime. There is no bottle on demand at bathtime. There are NO socks at bedtime.*gasp* As far as you can tell bathtime has no benefits at all and should be eliminated from our lives...except then you'd be you have to suffer through it *sorry*.
You like co-sleeping (so far we sleep with Layla in her bed because Daddy has literally had a cold for weeks now and Mommy doesn't want anyone else to have it). You will tolerate a pacifier if you are not hungry and just looking for a way to amuse yourself. You do really like fuzzy blankets (wasn't kidding about that part) and the swing. If I combine the swing and the fuzzy blanket I am guaranteed you'll stay peaceful for awhile.
You are by far the easiest baby I have ever encountered. I marvel at how different you are from your big sister. I marvel at the way you to love each other already, on how she insists you come to tuck her into bed and that Daddy and Mommy kiss you goodnight... little things that show me she is totally into being your big sister.
It amazes me that in 1 month I have already adapted to feel like you have always been here. We don't really struggle with having 2 kids (although sometimes with only have 2 arms or 2 seconds of patience left in our daily allowance) and I think that is because of your good nature and patience. You've taught me so much already about love and change. You've made me a little more calm as a mother.... or perhaps it's just that the second time you already know what you're doing as a parent.

Either way your gentle arrival home and quick acceptance of our mistakes so far makes me think some day you will be a lovely forgiving and graceful little soul.
I can't wait to see how that happens for you.


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