Thursday, December 03, 2009

Busy Busy Christmas People

With money tight, a lot of planning goes into everything we do. When to get the tree, well that was no exception. But I knew one thing for darn sure...we may have to live on top ramen, mac n cheese and hotdogs and scrambled eggs but we were getting that baby a Christmas tree.

Layla loves Christmas already. She's surrounded by Christmas people (Jon and I love it no matter how stressful it seems to be every year) and she has been more than introduced to Christmas movies. Between Polar Express and Elf she's pretty much gotten hooked.
So off to the Christmas tree lot we went last night with a careful budget and hope of at least one decent tree in our price range. This one was an absolute steal! Jon decorated it after Layla and I went to sleep. He left off the "cheap" decorations this year and I actually like it better now that it doesn't look so crowded.
Layla was all "wow wee's" and "pretty's" this morning... so it was a success. Now if only the rest of our Christmas budget could work out without any stress. That would be a nice change.

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