Friday, December 18, 2009

But what does it mean??

Just as with Layla we wanted our next baby to have a name that meant something. Where last time we had a name long before the baby ever came, this time we picked the name right after we went home from the ultrasound.
Anyah is Slavic and it means "by the grace of God". Joelle has two meanings (Slavic) "the Lord is willing/the Lord favors you" or European "created in joy".
We liked both names and their we picked them.
Having a second girl does a lot for our family dynamic. Two girls in one room and sharing toys is much easier than doubling up on co-gender items and trying to figure out what age people shouldn't share a room with someone of the opposite sex.
Budget-wise there is a huge sigh of relief because with the exception of my small registry for Anyah at Target we won't be needing much else, we've already got a lot of stuff left over from Layla. I am totally ok with the concept of hand-me-down clothing until a child reaches school (as long as it never happens on special occassions).
Lastly on the Anyah front today... I've had 9 people ask me how to say her name. It's pronounced like "onn yah" with the middle name Joelle which sounds just like it's spelt "joe elle".
And all I know about that.

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