Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stars Hollow

Jon bought me season 1 of the Gilmore Girls on DVD for Christmas. I've been averaging an episode or two a day. It's been wonderful to have something new to watch, and something adult to watch that I can see in front of my daughter without worrying about her picking up dirty habits. She already knows how to "make kisses" thanks to the teenagers at the Stanislaus County Fair so that Rory Gilmore is old news. Making out with her toys was only amusing when she was 1 now that she's 2 she prefers to pick up choice phrases and use them at the most embarrassing time possible.

Stars Hollow is some place I would love to live. Everyone knows everyone, there is a huge sense of community involvement and everyone has a best friend...if not a few best friends. As someone who formally had a huge circle of friends and now has like 2 or 3 people I talk to on a regular basis, the appeal of a magical TV community that gathers around when times are tough seems well...magical.

So while my daughter wishes she was a fairy in Pixie Hollow and spends her spare time practicing her Tinkerbelle angry face I can relate, because even at 30 I have a Hollow of my own I'd like to visit.

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Mel said...

I agreee...a place like Stars Hallow would be cool, even with pesky Taylor.