Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Last Weekend

So I work 4 weeks with Saturday/Sunday off and then 4 weeks with Wednesday/Sunday off. This upcoming week is the week I rotate on to working my Saturdays. That means a 6 day work week. That also means no longer having the luxury of 2 day weekends to prep for Christmas.
So this weekend we did some things that needed to be done. But we also spent a lot of time in our pajamas. Layla and I are both nursing a cough that came up after the Christmas Parade and stuck pretty well.

Yesterday I managed to get my popcorn cake and the whole 4 presents we got Layla wrapped. I also did house chore stuff like baby laundry. Then today I made sugar cookies with green frosting and green sprinkles. Yummy. Layla helped (as you can see).
The upside to having Wednesdays off until Christmas is it gives me a day midweek if I need to run errands when things aren't busy. The downside is you never feel like you have a day off because there isn't enough time to actually catch up on sleep.
Jon's going to make the Chocolate Chip Cookies so this is the last of my baking. I'll make Christmas dinner, but that's awhile out yet.
Ok, gotta kid is on a 4 sugar cookie-sugar high now. I gotta go help her run it off.

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