Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho ho moley it's almost here!

Well Operation Hard Rock Candy Christmas has not let up but Jon and I still have our ... well... I'm sure we still have something. Let me think... oh yes I remember it's called a plan. Where Christmas Spirit sometimes falls short the plan can often make it look like you still care AND you're still pushing through.

*Please hold while I cough up a lung *

Ok where was I? Oh the plan. So today is officially 8 days until Christmas and if you're like us (poor and behind schedule due to a sickness) you probably haven't finished making your list and checking it twice.

Luckily, some people are helping us pull our weight because Lord knows I don't want to pull anything right now.

Our next 8 days looks like this...

Today- Jon closes at work and Layla and I will be attempting to do our Christmas craft...finally
Friday- Sonogram at 8 am followed by a Dr's appt and a full day of work. Layla's Christmas Concert at 7 pm for Preschool.
Saturday- Work a full day (with potluck) then a going away dinner for my cousin who is moving back home after going to school here for about a year
Sunday- Panic induced heavy breathing and attempting to finish all Christmas shopping and shipping because I really don't have any time to do it before then.
Monday- Start prepping Christmas Dinner
Tuesday- Make pies after work and there is a Cookie Exchange at work
Wednesday- Christmas Eve Eve is Layla's last day at Preschool for awhile (more in another post soon) and it's also the only day my friend Jen and I both have off this month so we're doing something...something might be code for eating cookies and talking in my living room (depending on how tired we both are at this point)
Thursday- Hello Christmas eve... I work, Jon probably works (he usually does) then we will let Layla open 1 gift and go to bed early because the next day I get to get up and make Christmas
Friday- Christmas!!

I'm tired just thinking about it. It also doesn't include the fact that we have another friend we want to get together with before then. Or the fact that Mel and Garratt will be down and we'll want to see them. Or the fact that Jon's dad hasn't been officially scheduled in for a Christmas visit yet. *sigh*

I guess that explains why I downsized my Christmas to do list in the first place. Now if only less really was MORE!

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