Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Simply Little Christmas

a dish I filled with fake flowers and cinnamon scented pine cones (left over from last year) on the kitchen counter
Santa got hidden on the kitchen window ledge with the other things that Layla can't touch because he's glass

after an incident with a certain toddler breaking glass ball shaped candle holders and eating advent calendar chocolates these have been resolved to live on top of the fridge

in real life, there are goldfish all over the table even when you put out a pretty christmas star thing and forget to put candles on it

that little nutcracker is one of Layla's dollar store toys

she also got these two neato things...Mr. Santa and Mr. Snowman Lantern
Sometimes she moves my decorations, that little glass ball candle used to live on the piano *sigh*

when plugged in this Santa shakes his booty and dances, last year Layla was terrified of him, this year she is really into pushing buttons so we didn't even plug him in, but he still makes a cute decoration.
pine cone garland and white lights with fake flowers and a vanilla candle..

more pine cone garland with white lights and flowers, also my Willow Tree Nativity which is by far my favorite decoration

no chimney? I highly recommend the ledge at the stop of the stairs... it's festive and your kid can't reach it. JOY... I'd say so! (BTW, next year well need new stocking hangers unless they make a "!" you can buy individually.
my village, complete with dollar store people that make it look much more complete and that don't stress me out when Layla takes them down. Also that thing above it, it's a snowflake made of jingle bells, it's my mom's she'll never get it back. I like it too much.
Our lovely tree decorated by my darling hubby...

Layla's dollar store jingle bell door hanger and a Snowman I rescued from a Good will pile after a yard sale. Plugged in he is VERY ugly because he has MULTICOLOR changing LED lights, bad plan, but not plugged in he makes a nice statue.
look more garland and pine cones with flowers...theme anyone?
There are a few things I didn't get pictures of. Layla has a cute Christmas puzzle and a pile of Christmas books. There are a few other candle things stashed in strange places or on the bathroom counter. Some kissing Hallmark reindeer that Layla constantly moves around. Stuff like that.

What do you think of the scale back?

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