Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Everyone here was sick. Most of us are better now. Layla is off at school today learning to sing jingle bells for her first Christmas concert this Friday. Jon (who is the one still sick- he fought long and hard but the sickness finally took him down yesterday) is off at work being responsible. I am home. Today is my weekday off. So far, I've blogged and gathered Christmas pictures to take the post office. And next on my list?? The floor.
Look at that floor.
This is a blog about being real. I really curse. I really eat a lot of good food. I really love my kid. And I really live with crap like that on my floor for days at a time when everyone isn't feeling well.'s here for you today.
And the worst part? I did all the fun stuff on my list first. I'm just letting that floor sit. Because, you know what, I don't want to do it!! I'm lazy. I'm pregnant and mostly...I'm HOME ALONE. That never happens. I want to watch horror movies and look at recipe blogs and totally avoid the floor at all costs.
So instead I shall tell you 5 great things that happened while I was too sick to make myself blog.
1. Layla is no longer using a pacifier (or BOOOEEEEYYYY as she lovingly calls it). We broke cold turkey when the sickness had her nose all plugged up and she couldn't breath. Two days ago she found it in a drawer and I said "oh we don't need that it's yucky" and she put it back. I will hide it away today while she's gone because I can't bare to throw it away but she's a BIG GIRL NOW!
2. Layla has started peeing in the potty. This was a choice she made all by herself. I ask about it occassionally and we had a potty out and 4 days ago she woke up and asked to use it. She did it! And mommy danced around. And now in 4 days she's done it 3 times in the morning successfully with no accidents and a couple times at school. She's such a BIG GIRL NOW!
3. My kid can sing jingle bells.
4. Turns out my genius has figured out how to use tools while climbing. She used a chair to climb to a drawer to get on a cabinet to get to a cookie platter on Friday. On Saturday she stood on her play kitchen to get a marker. Yesterday she opened the bathroom door herself, climbed on the toilet and turned on the water to play in the sink.
5. She can put on her own shoes and jacket finally. She did it this morning. For her next act, I am hoping she can finally learn to walk next to me without running away before the new baby comes.
And you thought the relaxed hippy parenting strategy was going to lead to a kid in kindergarden with diapers and a pacifer... I told you it would be ok.

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