Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Chronicles of Sick

Last night the combination of Baby Bean in my tummy and a heavy chest from coughing made me trek downstairs at 1 am to try sleeping in a recliner. I just couldn't breath. I called in sick to work again and then called my Dr at 8 am to get a Dr's note for work just in case I need to fork one over tomorrow.
Today Jon caved and took himself to same day care. He wanted to make sure he didn't have strep because that's not good for the fetus to be around either. It's the first time he's been to the Dr in 10 years. He didn't have strep. He's also caught "the virus" and for him it went to his throat...it makes him sound better than the 2 of us with it in our lungs but I'm sure it feels just as horrible.

Antibiotics combined with a cool mist humidifier seems to have really helped Layla's sleeping situation and she no longer sounds like a 3 pack a day smoker. She slept last night from just before 8 pm until almost 6:30 this morning. Sleeping past 5:45 is unheard of for Layla most of the time. She was extremely chipper all morning and she looks like her antibiotics are helping (no more blood shot eyes and snot soaked faces) but she took an impromtu nap while playing on the couch today and watching Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Least you think I am a bad mother, I did cover her up after I took a picture. It's cold here this week. It's not supposed to get into the 20's and 30's in this part of California.

Not that I am complaining. There has been rain, and you know how much I love the rain. I also love being home with my baby (even if it's for a case of the sick) and watching Christmas movies and seeing her deconstruct a christmas cookie (eat the sprinkles, lick off the frosting, eat half the cookie, give the rest to mom). And nothing beats the adorableness of a toddler in her Christmas Pj Nightgown, slippers, a scarf and puppy dog hat singing jingle bells with hand motions...nope...nothing.

Now if only I could get enough oxygen in my lungs without coughing to sing along.

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