Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dashing through the Snow

Ok, so really it's uncharacteristically bright and sunny outside for the Central Valley in fog season at 9 am but still. This week has been busy and fun already. Sunday George stopped by to give Layla her Christmas present and on Monday night Santa came (pictures of both events are available on Layla's site if you have access). Then on Tuesday (because I'm finally starting to feel a little better) I enjoyed a visit with my mom, a couple slices of pizza and watching my darling daughter mash donut into her hair.
Today is my day off. It's also Layla's last day of preschool and I am picking her up before lunch. While she's at school I've started making pies and when those are done I am going to run a couple errands in town. If you live out of town, your Christmas gifts will probably be late, I'm running behind. I can't help it... I was sick, pregnant and poor all at once. At least things will finally start getting back on track now that we've lost a $400 a month childcare expense. That puts one into the Christmas spirit pretty quickly- I call it the healing power of New Year hope!
This afternoon Jon works and so I am hoping that while Layla naps I can get some house work done. Nothing too fancy because I don't want to over do it and end up back on bed rest but at least enough to clear up the evidence of donut vs hair on floor in the living room and possibly put the laundry away. Jen is going to stop by today and I can't wait to see Baby Mia. She's so squishy and adorable!
Tomorrow I work until 3:30 but Jon is home with Layla as he is off until Sunday. When I get home tomorrow night my mom is coming over to spend the night so she can share the joy and the workload on Christmas morning (thanks mom) and then Christmas morning will soon be here! I can't wait...

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