Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making A Mark

Today I started another round of meds. I was supposed to start yesterday but I have a lot of anxiety about taking medication while pregnant. Although the Dr researched it I still went online and researched it myself just to double check. This is a med used for serious infections and pneumonia...if it doesn't work...well then I have pregnancy induced asthma which is it's own can of worms.
Meanwhile my house fell into disarray again and Layla has carved her name into the furniture. Last night we ventured out for a 2 hour get together with family and I now feel like I could curl into a ball and sleep forever...if only I could stop coughing long enough. And, with that lovely news, tomorrow I go back to work.
It's a short week this week. I work Monday and Tuesday. I am off Wednesday. I work Thursday and then Friday through Sunday I am off for Christmas. I am counting down the seconds until Friday...not because I am overwhelmingly excited about Christmas but just because I want this to be over already.

Mark Christmas off the calender... it's time to be finished.
It will be better next year. This year will always be the year I was pregnant with almost pneumonia and a job that doesn't believe in letting you off without guilt. The year without a bonus, where the baby was sick and Jon was sick and everyone barely made it through with 4 gifts wrapped under the tree. And that's ok. Memories of making it through the tough times usually help you remember to celebrate more during the easy ones. They leave a mark, not one you can see, but one that lasts forever.

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