Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Even Bean has a Wishlist

So a few select people have expressed interest in my baby registery for Bean. Being as we don't know a gender there are no clothing items on the registery that I made. If we have a girl we don't need any and if we have a boy then people can jump on that bandwagon with whatever they want. But there were a few other things we'll need either way. It's a short list. I'm going to link it up here in case anyone wants to go take a look.

click here for Bean's Baby Registry link

This time we're going to give breast feeding a go again. The breast pump I had been borrowing when Layla was born got passed to another family member who (to the best of my knowledge) still uses it...so I have no idea what I need in that department but I registered for a pump and bottles to get me started.

If you see anything that looks like it's missing, fill free to pipe up in the comments, making a registry is harder than it looks. For instance I can't find the diaper bag I want...or a diaper bag I would want anywhere.

Luckily, we have almost everything we had when we had Layla. So there is always that small blessing.

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Trisha said...

Allie, on the nursing front, I would recommend having breast pads on hand as your nipples will most likely leak milk during the first few weeks. I used wool covers, very comfortable and cause less skin sensitivities. Also, look for great nursing tanks. They are very nice for the summer and can hide the post-baby belly very well. =) I avoided underwire nursing bras as friends told me they can cause engorgement and blocked ducts. (which happened anyway, but at least my bras were comfortable to wear, yet..not..perky...boobs *sigh*)

Don't forget to talk to a lactation educator well before the baby arrives. Talk to a real one, not some variant that will limit time for questions and not take the time to talk you off the ledge of defeat when it is the middle of the night and the baby won't feed. You want to have a good relationship before the hormones and newborn chaos strike.

Support= success.

Read the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and learn how to latch a baby on. North needed a lot of help with his latch; help that I couldn't give because I didn't read about breastfeeding before having him. I highly recommend being very educated before the baby arrives. It is much easier to retain the knowledge than to read through a book during a time when a baby is screaming at 2:00 in the morning.

Good luck, I know you can do this!