Wednesday, December 09, 2009

NOW- the 6 random things blog-I got tagged

I got hit with a 6 random things post request so here it is...sorry I'm sick, I'll come back and add links later. Feel free to take it and run with it on your blog if you need a writing prompt.

1. Everyone here is sick. Each of us a little different from the type of sick to the person we sleep next to. There is 1 ear infection w/ cough, one lung infection w/ contractions and 1 case of sore throat w/ a side of cough. Due to this, two people in this house are finally on antibiotics, one is on cough syrup and one is still on home treatment although all 3 have been to the Dr, 1 has been to the ER and that same one has seen 3 Dr's in 3 days.

2. On the day that Layla's preschool took pictures, I had no warning. We had just started...I believe it was our 2nd Monday (so day 4) and I said, oh what the heck, you can try. She had on a tshirt and jeans and she hadn't had a bath that morning. The pictures are better then the ones we planned for and spent twice as much on at the studio. Kids!

3. I can't find the book I was reading. I was reading it a few weeks back and then everything went to hell in a hand basket. Worse part, I can't remember the title. So I have been picking up books, reading the first paragraph and trying to remember if I have finished them or not. *sigh*

4. I'm a hippy. When we had our first daughter I had a few church friends and family members that commented on EVERY.single.CHOICE I made. It scared me. So I stopped telling them things... I hid my sling and used it when people weren't looking, I stopped talking about how my daughter slept in our bed for the first year. I just got quiet. Not so much on Baby Bean, her/his registery is full of co-sleeping and babywearing stuff. I'm me. I'm over it.

5. I have two sets of blogs I read. One set is in the blogs I read section here on blogger. The other set is in my Blackberry. The two sets don't mingle. I actually enjoy the ones not listed as much (if not more depending on the blog) than the ones listed here. But I like having secrets.

6. I take about 5 pictures of Layla a day. I take more pictures on special days or days when she's doing something new or exceptionally cute. Despite this tactic there are at least 10 things I can think of right now that I have yet to catch on camera or video. Did you know she sings like 6 songs now? And she knows her whole alphabet (if only she didn't say it so fast). She can count to 10. She has songs with hand motions. None of that is on film yet. And that's just the start.

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