Thursday, April 02, 2009

"The Moment" - Fictional Writing Prompt

There are somethings you know you'll never forget. Those moments when your standing right in the middle of something and it clicks inside your head. I'll always remember this, you tell yourself. Sometimes you do really remember that moment forever. It becomes a switch in the back of your head waiting to be accidently hit. Good or bad, it is always with you.

In that long list of moments that you carry around with you forever there is always one moment. That moment, which most people refer to as "the moment" is usually the moment in life by which all other moments are defined. The moment for some people is the first time they knew real love, or hate, or happiness, or fear. The moment has an emotional connection that when triggered effects every moment around it. Most people know "the moment" when it happens to them.

Some figure it out several years too late.

Looking back I can tell you the moment I knew my life was going to be different than everyone else's life I knew. At the time it was just another day, and it swept passed me in the rush of chores to be done and tasks to accomplish. I missed the importance of it all. Looking back now, I can't even tell you what was so urgent of the daily life that I was trudging through. What I can tell you is this.

When met with the opportunity to change a life forever to a life easier, less worried and more free if you instead decided to pick the hard, broken and stressful path that will take you into doing the right thing just because it's the right thing thusly dragging yourself over and through a thousand obstacles both emotionally and physically to avoid the harm of another soul...well then... you've had a moment. Perhaps even "the moment" depending on who you are.

So when you look someone in the eyes and you know that you love them. When you can tell them in words and they can feel it consume them with hope. And you don't tell them...because you know if you do they'd be stuck forever with you in the struggle between good and evil. Know this, that may or may not be your defining moment. But more than likely, it's going to be theirs.

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