Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut

I know baby may look like she needs a hair cut but I'm just terrified of horrible toddler bangs. Most of the time we can get by with a pony tail or a well placed clip. Mommy is better at this than daddy. Then yesterday Layla tripped and hit her head, resulting in a purple egg bruise on her forehead (not pictured yet) and suddenly I am very happy we have too long bangs. At least now they'll think I don't do her hair instead of thinking I beat her on Easter.
For the record, the head bump scared me so badly that I got up at least 8 times last night to make sure she didn't have a concussion and that she was still in fact breathing and alive.
And unrelated... I am not pregnant, again. Fertility drugs are a mighty big pain in the neck but I will be taking them again next month as we keep trying so...pray for us... because Layla needs someone to play with who is neither a brat or a bully. And, to make sure I like that other kid, I'd really like to make it myself.

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Trisha said...

that's some wild hair!

I just posted pictures of North getting his first professional trim over on the blog. I feel the same way about scary short haircuts. Not for us!