Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Simple Mommy Earth Day Vow

I was one of those girls who spent my childhood waiting to be grown up so I could be a mommy. I sat around reading books & planning futures filled with homemade baby food, clothe diapers, breast milk and attachment parenting. I wasted a little time along the way, fully enjoying my young adult years and then waiting for Mr. Right to find me in a rain storm. And then I let life change some of my ideals into just common sense answers based on what my first little princess needed to be happy, safe and well.

But, somethings will never change about the way I think about raising my daughter. I will always strive to give her confidence, independence, creativity, humor and a sense of belonging that can only be grown in a whole lot of love. I will do my best to teach her to do what feels right, to protect her morals and beliefs and to experience life to the fullest.

I promise her that I will make a commitment to helping her world be a better place. Be that through cultivating plants in the windows, or by shopping organic, or by trying to be a "greener" person... or if it really comes down to it... by just teaching her to love the earth... by letting her put mud in her hair and play with the faucet while I'm in the back yard.

Happy Earth Day and may the children in your life inspire you today to make a commitment to change...

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Cathy said...

Beautiful thoughts. So many people around us just live for the day, instead of worrying about their future generations and the world we'll be leaving for them. Its always good to see such thoughtful and touching words that speak from the heart.

We've vowed to go green as well this earth day( in our own little ways. Everything counts.

We sincerely hope that you have a wonderful year and life ahead of you.