Friday, April 03, 2009

Raising a Good Eater

At the table for my birthday breakfast, I had to stiffle my proud mom instincts when the person sitting next to me complimented how well Layla eats. Jon and I have done an excellent job of creating a child that is both adventurous with food and very organized about how she consumes it. The end result is someone that (once you get her to try the first bite of something) will usually content herself to eat pretty neatly with her own utensils throughout the meal.
I've been very blessed that at this point she's pretty well over shoving things in her mouth. She's also gotten to be very good about always wanting to use a utensil or cup with a straw and not really spilling much. Her patience on waiting for food to arrive needs work but other than that I think we've earned a gold star.
Of course somethings are harder to eat than others. The chinese food pictured above was noticably a struggle but she managed.
One other neat thing we've noticed about Layla lately. She won't eat if she's not hungry. That's pretty rare in kids this young. Usually if you offer a kid a bite of cake they'll eat it...but if she isn't in the mood for cake or she's already full from dinner...she'll pass. Just ask George...he tried twice to share birthday cake with her on Sunday.
I've also been checking things off the baby food mental list. Spicy foods, sweet foods, ethnic foods, weird textured foods, unique foods etc. So far she's been pretty open. Except apricots. I can get her to eat an occassional green bean now but the apricots are still not ok. Very very not ok.

What about your kids (or you if you don't have any)? What do they/you like to eat? Are you/they good eaters?

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Candace said...

I am a terrible eater! I have been picky since I was a small child. Of course I wasn't introduced to much as a kid. I didn't even eat mexican food until I was 20ish.

I didn't want that for Anna so I try to introduce her to more. I even cook foods that I won't eat just to make sure she is more open than I am. She eats pretty much anything. Loves mexican! She started out very young eating cheese quasidilla and now eats fajitas with me lol. She loves pastas but her favorite dish of all times is ham! I don't know why but that kid can put away some ham. She ate it 5 days straight one week!