Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When the System Sucks

Some of my mail this month went missing someplace between the mailbox and the destination. My IRS deposit on "check my refund" says it should have been here on the 21st and it's the 22nd and my bank has no record of it even trying to come in yet.

My landlord is all over the place about the fact that she needs a rent check ASAP or she's going to send me a 3 day or quit notice, which is funny because EVERYONE in my complex had their rent check "missing" this month and she has already told me that.

Jon's schedule keeps changing and his mom needs a job done at her house ASAP. The baby is still a little sick. My BFF is here visiting and I can't go see her because of all of the above until the earliest.

Today sucks.

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