Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She's like Cheesecake

Today is my BFF from the land of Far Far Away's birthday. She'll be turning old enough to know better and too young to remember that before she tries it anyhow. Lynn (or Pheonix's Mommy as some of you know her here in blog land) has always been filled with wild strokes of artistic nature, sarcasm littered with humor and a dash of homemade earth mommy good sense. That's why I keep her around.

When we were young she was willing to play badmitten for 3 hours straight after school, she swam in chlorinated water until we looked like over cooked prunes every day of summer and she would jump rope to bad music because it was the cool thing to do.

In junior high she was a voice of reason at 2 am telling you that you better go to sleep before your dad came back in, the one most likely not to stir up the boy drama and the only reason I passed math.

In highschool she was my partner in countless games of pool, my advisor for all things make-up related and the only person who ever talked me into doing something stupid that I'm still proud of doing today.

Then we spent a few years apart and when we found each other we were both new Mommy's with totally different lives in totally different states and we found that no matter how seperate you are in miles you can always find a way to feel not alone with free weekend minutes and text messages at 1 am.

She talked me through when I didn't have a job, she texted me through when I had a job I hated and she remembers damn near everything I've ever told her. She knows more than I do about a lot of things and she calls me when she has a question about something I know about because she's a kind enough person to know when she needs help. She's usually helping other people put out their drama and she even takes out the trash. She's smart but she's still willing to talk about absolutely nothing for two hours on the phone.

I'm pretty sure she's embarrassed I wrote this, but I wrote it anyway... because I think she's a damn good person, a great mom and a pretty terrific hippy...with or without the two pigtails in her hair.

And it's her birthday... everyone deserves to know they are loved on their birthday. And until I can tell her in person... (in 4 days not that I'm counting- ok I'm totally counting)... I love you Miss Lynn... You're better to me than cheesecake!


Lynn said...

Thanks man, it's good to know that some one still thinks of me like cheesecake.

Layla's Nana said...

Happy Birthday Lynn!!
Hope to see you when you come to visit next, I would love to meet Pheno ;)