Monday, April 27, 2009


I wasn't really that kid that tested all the limits of things. I loved using my imagination and from what I am told I behaved very well most of the time. Granted, as an older child I did get away with a lot of things that, lord willing, my parents will never find out about.
Jon on the other hand was the kind of kid that pushed a button 21 times, getting his hand slapped every time because he just had to push that button. Eventually, he would cry because he knew what was going to happen but he just had to do it anyhow.
Layla has developed to something in the middle. For the most part she's pretty good about stopping when you tell her something is "big trouble" to play with (Mommy doesn't use the word NO unless you can get hurt because I think people use NO too much and their kids get desensitised and one day you are outside yelling no while your kid ignores you and runs into traffic because you say no to everything....but back to what I was talking about before *steps off soap box*). What she is also really good at is taking the things she is allowed to touch and play with and experimenting to the limits with what she is allowed to do with them.

SCENARIO 1: You can touch your DVD boxes but not Daddy's. You can play with your DVD boxes but you can NOT open them. You can watch DVD's but you can't touch the player. You can touch the remote but you can't push the buttons while the TV is on...ect.
SCENARIO 2: The following things are allowed to be climbed on...willing people, beds, toys, chairs, furniture in the living room, the toy box lid, the piano stool, the playground equipment, the kitchen furniture when there is no food being served, the stairs, and your toys. The following items can not be climbed, kitchen appliances, kitchen counters, the window from the living room to the kitchen, toys with wheels, and newly added to the list...the bouncing zebra while standing using NO hands (but while holding on is ok).

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