Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby's Making Waves

Layla loved her first trip to the ocean. There is video and about 40 pictures up on her site for the people that have access to that sort of thing. Of course I'll post a few here for the rest of you. She loves the water, she loved the traveling, she loved the sand and Mommy/Daddy really benefited from the day out of the house.

Tomorrow we'll all be back to work very early. Mommy's shift start's at 6 am and Daddy's starts at 4:30 am which means by the time Layla rolls out of bed at 6:45 am she'll get to spend a lovely day with Miss Erin.

That day will not include board walks, sandy beaches, splashing in waves, eating gummy star fish, having garlic fries or singing along with the radio in the back seat...hopefully she won't get bored.

As for today...we did all those things and a few more. It will be etched into my memory forever...clearer than any picture we took.

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Trisha said...

This trip looked like so much fun! Layla will certainly be talking about the beach for many days.