Thursday, May 28, 2009

My old blog wasn't about you but this is

So the last time I miscarried I had about 6 girls that I hung out with a lot. After the stress that miscarriage puts on relationships... I talk to 2 of them sometimes and I don't talk to the rest. That's mainly what my last blog was about.

This time around I had 2 girlfriends that I talk to a lot. One I've talked to everyday and the other one got hit my the rough spot tidal wave.

Now, hopefully neither one gets offended by this next statement but I thought their roles would have been switched. The one that stuck around us very pregnant and I would have totally understand if she went into hiding but she didn't. Which makes me proud and it also makes me cherish her even more. The other one spent a lot of time talking to me about how crappy it was last time when friends vanished so I thought she'd be a constant ring on my phone. Not so much.

Ironically the men I know and my cousins who I don't talk to too much all got in contact, as did both our dad's and one grandpa and one male cousin. Totally didn't expect that.

I've really got to stop trying to have expections during the unexpected.

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