Monday, May 18, 2009

I am

I am tickle monster. I am dinner maker. I am bath time splasher. I am bedtime taker. I am boo kisses & healed with love. I am time out giver. I am hold my hand. I am dirt pie stirrer & and a chef with sand. I am arts & crafts that never get finished. I am chores with a helper who undoes more than she does. I am pajamas all day with movies to watch. I am trips into town with Miss Dancing Shoes On. I am pancakes on Sunday. & stories at night. I am cuddles in blankets wrapped up just right. I am recycle the package and eat local greens. I am blog the adventure while a camera catches the scene. I am little tiny hair clips pulling bangs from your eyes and pig tails with matching hair ties. I am find the lost paci and remember the cow. I am washer of favorite dresses. I am princess movie dance partner with all the right moves. I am singer of silly songs. I am rock a bye baby humming when you've stayed up too long. I am a baby language translator. I am teacher of everything from numbers to colors to words. I am alphabet songs and flashcards for sorting. I am pretend soup eating & plastic animal herding. I am all the lines learned & the same stories repeated. I am cars that go vroom and fairies who glitter. I am Santa's elf & part of the Easter bunny's litter. I am a constant to do list of new things to try & places to take you when you're old enough to go by. I am family to remember. I am friends to those who stop by. I am playdates, park days & parties to plan. I am never on vacation even when I am. I am always with you. I am always in love. I am mommy & wife & more then I've got room to list above.

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